Domestic plasticizer market situation is not optimistic

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publish:2020-04-13 00:00:00  

Huicong plastic network news: after Hong Kong, China in Early July clear of 6 kinds of phthalate plasticizer limit requirements in children's products, the United States has also released a plasticizer risk report, which leads to the current domestic plasticizer and application market situation is very tight.

Went into effect on July 2, the toys and children's product safety regulations of Hong Kong has been clear about the toys and children's products for the first time in 6 kinds of phthalate plasticizers limited requirements, request the first kind of phthalic acid esters (BBP and DBP, concentration of DOP) shall not be higher than 0.1%, can completely in one or more parts can be put in under 4 years old child's toy and children's products in the second category of phthalic acid esters (DIDP, DINP, DNOP) concentration shall not be higher than 0.1%.

Recently the United States consumer product safety commission chronic hazard advisory panel (CHAP) of the toys and children's care products issued of phthalic acid ester and its substitutes hazard analysis report: "because of the harm to children's reproductive system and the endocrine system, DOP, DBP and BBP three kinds of phthalate plasticizers in 2008 has been implementing permanent ban, while DINP, DIDP and DNOP are temporarily disabled. Now DIDP and DNOP are recommended to continue the interim ban and DINP is recommended to be permanently banned."

According to anxun si analysis, the DINP market has been significantly different. A number of glove manufacturers have recently said they have switched to dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) instead of DINP. Previously, DINP accounted for about 70% of glove usage, and the massive shift of glove users is bound to deal a serious blow to the DINP market. The Hong Kong and US risk reports will also have a significant impact on the use of DINP in children's toys. Hong Kong is an important hub port for the global toy trade and a major export destination of Toys from Shenzhen, accounting for 22% of the total value of toys exported from Shenzhen to Hong Kong. The U.S. market is also a major export destination for Chinese children's toys, accounting for more than 30 percent. Although DINP currently has a significant price advantage over plasticizers such as DOTP, and the production decline is not obvious, the market demand will surely be lost with the improvement of policies and regulations in the later period.

The expert reminds, the product sensitivity such as child toy is high, each country, each district policy and regulation are updated frequently, be sure to cause domestic plasticizer market turbulence ceaselessly. Manufacturers need to pay close attention to market dynamics in order to respond in a timely manner.


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