Investigation report: plastic bracelet plasticizer content exceeds bid in UK market

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publish:2020-02-25 00:00:00  

The UK customs recently seized a batch of plastic bracelets containing excessive levels of phthalate plasticizers, local media reported. The goods are imported from the Far East and will be sold in the UK market soon or already.

After conducting detailed tests on the samples, Birmingham Inspection said 16 batches of different types of bracelets were found to contain levels of phthalates above those permitted under EU rules. Among them, some plastic bracelet plasticizer content as high as 50%.

According to industry insiders, the craze for plastic bracelets, especially rubber bands, started in the US and then spread around the world. This colorful and fashionable plastic product makes children all over the world helpless. The low-cost plastic bracelet is invading global markets in a low-margin fashion.

"It is rare to see such high levels of phthalates in foreign plastics. Despite its low price, the plastic bracelet, which contains excessive amounts of plasticizer, is a health hazard. Once children are exposed to too much, it is likely to lead to precocious puberty or lower resistance. We will in no way allow the substance to remain in the UK market for a long time due to the health of the consumer." "Said Marion Wilson, marketing director of the Birmingham Inspection Bureau.

Wilson said it was difficult to estimate exactly how many plastic bracelets had slipped into STORES across the UK. However, they have stepped up their efforts in the market, in a nationwide effort to thoroughly check these plastic bracelets from the Far East with excessive plasticizer content.


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