The latest US plasticizer risk report will affect Chinese companies

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publish:2020-02-18 00:00:00  

Recently, the CONSUMER Product Safety Commission's Chronic Hazards Advisory Group (CHAP) has released a hazard analysis report for phthalates and their substitutes in toys and child care products.

According to the latest CHAP report, DIDP and DnOP have been recommended to continue the interim ban and DINP to be permanently banned, once the CONSUMER Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has finally adopted the expert group's opinion, the DINP content in any toy or child care product shall not exceed 0.1%.

The report also recommends permanent bans on four other types of phthalic plasticizers - DIBP, DPenP, DHexP and DCHP - which are relatively unknown to businesses, further reducing their choice of plasticizers. According to CPSIA regulations, CPSC will complete the report evaluation and issue relevant regulations within 180 days after the report is published.

Toys and other children's products are important exports of China, with annual exports exceeding us $12 billion, of which the US market accounts for more than 30 percent. Due to the large number of plasticizers involved in CHAP report, most of the other plasticizers are relatively unfamiliar to Chinese exporters except for several common types of plasticizers such as DEHP, DBP, etc.

It is reported, China's latest revision and is in January 2016, the implementation of the mandatory toy safety standards mainly refer to the eu standards, which has the DEHP plasticizer and so on six kinds of common limited index is put forward, and the CHAP in the report proposed a new implementation of permanent ban DIBP, DPenP, such as plasticizer, new standards and eu standards are not issued compulsory measures, once the CPSC to adopt and implement CHAP report related Suggestions, may have great influence on Chinese enterprises.

(Article source: CPRJ China Plastic & Rubber and Yasha net)

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